Hello. My name is JOSE CASDA. Welcome to UNLOCKURSELF: the Power of Your Story.

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new learning platform that is based on people’s life stories, just like you and me- hard working individuals going through life without meaning, questioning life or struggling to overcome life problems.

Through storytelling taught by my parents, I interview individuals from all walks of life sharing their life stories, lessons, and struggles, highlighting the key points that helped them to overcome their obstacles and achieve their personal success. My goal is that the lessons and stories shared will help you find your own tools that will help you achieve and overcome your own fight in life- as I did and continue to do everyday. 

UNLOCKURSELF is for those who have felt lost, stuck or alone, and feel that life is unfair and no one understands them. We’ve all gone through tough times, especially now more than ever.

The purpose of UNLOCKURSELF is to help you change your mindset, understand key strategies of success, and learn how to overcome life barriers.

All this said is not an easy task and especially not for the faint of heart. I do promise you that there is great reward through diligent hard work. But in order for you to move forward, you first need to affirm two choices: 1) accept to open your mindset; say yes to new opportunities; be open to new ways of thinking and doing things; 2) make the decision to take action now! Indecisiveness ends today! Welcome to the UNLOCKURSELF Family!

To your success and health!